Wednesday , June 12 2024
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About Us

Our Approach

Welcome to the London Beat - London, Ontario's new stream of consciousness. Our motto is, "If it's not local, it's not local news."


We grew tired of the lack of local news coverage of the great things that go on in London. We grew tired of wire reports, and globalization. We grew tired of the overwhelming air of sensationalism and negativity that exists in much of the mainstream media.

Our Story

There was not a single news outlet of any type, that was 100% locally owned. We wanted to change that.

We want to tell you about all the great things that actually go on in this city on a daily basis. We want to tell you about all the things that affect you AS a Londoner.

So we started The London Beat.

Meet the Team



Mark Solway


Community builder, content creator, sports journalist, social network ninja, and a Londoner for 40 years.

"I'm committed to putting the local back in local news."


David Kiewiet


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Get Involved...

Capturing everything that happens in this city is a daunting process, and we need your help. We are looking for community leaders to tell us about their events, we are looking for local talent with content to link to, we are looking for writers, and we need some social network warriors.