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Big Blue Bubble Launches Chaos Reborn: Adventures

After a very successful pre-order for iOS only, Chaos Reborn: Adventures will be arriving to mobile devices today. The turn-based fantasy game brings the Kickstarter phenomenon Chaos Reborn to both iOS and Android devices.

The mobile game is the latest installation to the critically-acclaimed Chaos franchise, developed by the creator of X-COM. The game brings all of the features of the celebrated Chaos Reborn to mobile for on-the-go tactical combat.

Mobile gamers can defeat magical wizards in this spellcasting strategy RPG, that combines RPG-style turn-based combat with the tactical positioning of chess and the bluff of poker to create an entirely unique strategy game. Users can even customize their wizard with 100s of gear items, spells, and mythical creatures to secure victory!

In addition to a robust single-player narrative campaign, Chaos Reborn: Adventures features a challenging multiplayer mode where players can compete against their peers in battle to determine who reigns supreme.



Founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble Damir Slogar fondly recalls playing the original game. “I first played Julian Gollop’s Chaos back in 1985 on my ZX Spectrum, so it’s great to be releasing the latest installment of the franchise,” said Slogar. “For me, it’s the nostalgia factor of my first time playing Chaos to now bringing a more visually and technically advanced version of the game to the mobile platform, which is something I think others will also enjoy and appreciate.”

Damir being a big fan of the original Chaos title and the gaming community being relatively small were much of the impetus for the project. When the discussion came about at a gaming event, it was an easy decision for Damir and Big Blue Bubble to move forward with.



The London-based gaming giant have a proven track record in bringing titles to different systems like mobile in their nearly 15 years in the business. There would seem to be challenges to such a project, but BBB’s wealth of experience shines through in the latest addition to the franchise.

“Every game we port has its unique challenges, but the key is truly understanding the original production team’s style in programming and art, and that requires excellent communication with the original team,” said Damir. “This understanding directs the choices we make in modifying the game for the new system, so it feels and plays like the original title.”

Gollop’s original Chaos way back in 1985, obviously came from a completely different era of video games; but in 2013, Gollop partnered with David Kaye and formed Snapshot Games. Their sole objective was to develop video games in the tradition of Gollop’s earlier titles, but with modern, high quality presentation and design. The company’s first title was a sequel to the classic Chaos game called Chaos Reborn. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2014 and published in October 2015.



The gaming industry has already welcomed the title with open arms:

“Chaos Reborn is quite simply the best strategy game on PC this year.” — Kotaku

“Chaos Reborn is already a brilliant update of an absolute classic.” — Eurogamer

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is the only re-boot that BBB have been working on, but their long history of bringing titles to different gaming systems dictates that it won’t likely be their last.

It is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play for $9.99.

Big Blue Bubble now have more than 100 titles and continue to maintain their reputation of being the first to market with a variety of innovations in technology and game design, solidifying the company as a long-standing industry veteran. They are also celebrating their SIXTH anniversary of the global smash hit My Singing Monsters with a month of new content.

Game Features

• Tactical turn-based combat
• Competitive multiplayer
• Challenging single-player campaign
• Gorgeous 3D graphics
• Deep and enthralling lore

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