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Rock ‘N Con At London Music Hall Was A Smash Hit

This weekend saw the city’s first ever Rock ‘N’ Con happen at London Music Hall, and London proved just how much it loves to rock! There was an amazing guest line-up of both local and legendary talent, to meet with Londoners to share their love of music, be asked questions, get photos or even sign autographs.

The legends line-up featured the brilliant Dee Snider, music icon from Twisted Sister, and Peter Criss, rock legend and co-founder of Kiss. The impressive legends group also included the incomparable Lita Ford – The Queen of Metal, Rock n’ Roll Saviour Danko Jones, Rock goddess Priya Panda, and Canadian Thrash Metal Legends Razor. There were also great local artists there, like Hiroshima Hearts.

Two Londoners who do love to rock, are Samuel Phoenix and Trevor Jones. They own a local entertainment company called The Forever Phoenix, that does everything from wedding and event photography, to DJing, to having their own record label. London Beat caught up with Samuel and Trevor to find out about their experiences at Rock ‘N Con this weekend:

“There were vendors, Q & A periods, meet and greets and so much in between,” said Phoenix. “For all you rockers out there, this convention was for you!”

“This convention had it all – different vendors from all over and even special artists like legendary Album Artist Ken Kelly and famous Photographer Len Delessio,” said Jones. “From the younger fans, to the older fans, there was something there for everyone. The love of rock, in one epic convention.”

Phoenix said one of his favourite parts of the convention was having the chance to sit in to hear Danko Jones talk about his new book “I’ve Got Something to Say!” – an “in-depth look at ten years of experience in the rock world, and recounting epic stories in his career.” The book comes out tomorrow (June 12th, 2018).

Here are some great photos of the convention courtesy of The Forever Phoenix:

The guys at The Forever Phoenix also have a great piece of photography equipment, that takes and stitches together great panoramic shots. Here are a couple of the convention floor:

Rock N Con panorama 1

Rock N Con panorama 2

“I have to say, in over 18 years experience in the music scene in London, Ontario, this convention was the best. We have seen Comic Cons, concerts with meet and greets, and everything in between, but this was at the top of the list,” stated Jones. “To hear different stories, and experience the people who attended from young to old, and the fun they had… and to see a room full of people sharing the love of rock music. This convention brought many people together, and we hope to see many more to come.”

Jones’ partner shared in the enthusiasm:

“Being from London, I think it’s amazing that we are doing more things that involve downtown and the music scene,” said Phoenix. “Bring in more artists, and a chance for different ages to enjoy music and meet their favourite artists.”

“For myself it was an honour to talk to London band HIROSHIMA HEARTS, and to get a chance to talk to Danko Jones – whose booth looked like they were really enjoying themselves. Everyone at the convention had smiles on their faces.”

At the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Congratulations to London Music Hall on bringing such a unique experience to Londoners for the first time.

And thanks to The Forever Phoenix for sharing their experiences with London Beat.

Rock On!

More Information:

For more photos from the event, or information about The Forever Phoenix, check out their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

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