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Innovation Works Hosts Fanshawe And Western Collaborative Event

Today at 1:00pm, Innovation Works are hosting a collaborative event with Fanshawe College and Western University to learn more about the valuable resources the two institutions offer your work as nonprofits, social enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Fanshawe’s people have the know-how and skills to deliver quick and efficient services that meet your professional needs. Whether you’re looking for strategic advice, to arrange on-site staff training, or to find your next difference-maker, Fanshawe provides a one-stop shop to help you be successful in your work to create positive community impact.

Western is a hub for nonprofit, organizational, and individual resources. Engage with Western in ways that boost your organization’s capacity such as hiring students for work integrated learning, finding volunteers and/or staff, accessing researchers and providing various learning opportunities for your employees.

What will be covered?

– Develop strategic relationships to support your work
– Learn who to contact when you have key questions about supports offered by Western & Fanshawe
– Understand how to access students – volunteers, unpaid and paid internships, co-ops and practicums, and recruiting for new hires
– Discover no cost, low cost and paid partnership opportunities
– Connect with knowledgeable and experienced candidates primed to bring fresh ideas and make a positive impact on your business
– Resources & Programs to be Discussed
– Advice for Your Advantage
– Practical Solutions for Real Challenges
– Career and Internship Education Services
– Customized, Tailored Training Modules
– Lifelong Learning and the Nonprofit Sector
– Community Engaged Learning
– Recruiting Extraordinary Talent
– Research as a Resource for Your Organization

There will be presentations from Fanshawe and Western about their programs and opportunities for engagement, and a panel of students will share their experiences and engagement with organizations through these programs.

There will also be a meet and mingle, where you can snack and network and ask any specific questions you may have.

Innovation Works was born in a living room amid a small gathering of great minds. Together they imagined London’s very own co-working space, where change-makers and innovators could intersect and cross-pollinate. A space dedicated to social innovation.

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