Friday , July 19 2024
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Volunteers Needed

Writers / Bloggers

Are you a blogger, or an aspiring blogger? We want to hear from you. We are looking for volunteers to write about some of the great things about this city. Places Londoners go, things Londoners do, people and events in the London community. It doesn’t matter if you’re a high school student, a college student, a university student, a young professional, or a senior – and it can be about virtually anything local – sports, arts, music, entertainment, lifestyles.

Facebook Manager

We hope to make our Facebook page a big part of The London Beat stream of consciousness. We are looking for someone who can manage some content, and has a bit of time to engage our audience. There will be a lot of content that is created automatically for the Facebook page, but we would like to find a volunteer (or two) who LIKES coming up with ways to create local chatter, and can encourage healthy conversation. Are you that person?

People We Want To Hear From!

Community Leaders

We feel that part of providing good local news requires being very stuck into the community. That means meeting the people who help drive the machine. If you’re a Londoner who is passionate about this city and tired of the lack of local news climate, then email us and find out how you can help. Your support would be appreciated.

Event Organizers

If we’re going to cover local news effectively, we need to know everything that is going on. We understand that there is an incredible amount going on every day and to stay on top of it, we absolutely need your help. We need you to book your own events (it’s free!). Contact us and find out how, so we can start supporting you today.

Content Creators

If you’re already somebody who creates some type of digital content, we want to support you. Wether you’re a podcaster or videographer with a YouTube channel, or a photographer with an Instagram account, send us your details and let us make you part of the overall stream of consciousness that we are trying to build.

Contact Us

Please email us about any of the volunteer opportunities above.