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TechAlliance Throws Another Great Summer BBQ Bash

Marilyn Sinclair and her Tech Alliance crew.

You know that you have a chance at a monumental outdoor event, when Mother Nature offers you her absolute finest the the day it takes place. Such was the case yesterday for TechAlliance’s Meet and Meat BBQ at Windermere Manor – nothing but sunshine and blue skies to bring together London’s technology-minded finest, for a summer BBQ and networking event.

It seemed like nearly everybody that makes their living in the digital realm was in attendance. With the maximum 500 tickets sold, it was the first time that the event has actually maxed out the Windermere Manor venue. All of London’s top technology companies were represented and in attendance: rTraction, Arcane,, Big Blue Bubble, Autudata, to name a few. There were also many other local business people there in support that aren’t in the tech sector.

Michelle and Ashley
Michelle Baldwin from Pillar Nonprofit Network and Ashley Conyngham from LEDC

At one point, the line-up to get food looked like a ride at Canada’s Wonderland. People were queued what seemed at least a hundred deep to get one of the beautiful Windermere Manor gourmet burgers into their waiting, salivating mouths. Marble Slab Creamery were also in attendance as a sponsor, to give everyone something delightful and cold to wash the burger down with, on a hot summer day.

Getting ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery

In typical Tech Alliance style, this was truly just an occasion to get together and enjoy the summer and each other. There were no speeches given, no awards handed out, no “agenda” – it was simply an opportunity for like-minded technology people to get together and have some food and fun. It’s exactly that kind of ambience and atmosphere that make TechAlliance events different. They always manage to strike an incredible balance between business and pleasure – you will not find a better place to network in the city. Everyone that attends is fully prepared to talk to strangers and find out more about each other, and what they do.

Special thanks to sponsors KPMG Enterprise,, SOFII, Marble Slab Creamery, Cowan Insurance Group, Windermere Manor and Innovative Solutions Canada for helping to make it all happen.

The crew from sponsors KPMG
Andrew and David from SOFII
Andrew and David from sponsors SOFII

“This event, and it’s growth over the years, is a perfect reflection of London’s tech sector,” said Greg Picken, Manager of Communications for TechAlliance. “Every year we see plenty of familiar faces, as well as new people joining our community as entrepreneurs, employees, or supporters. And an event like the Meet & Meat BBQ gives us a chance to bring all those people together, over 500 this year, to connect and celebrate success together.”

With the ever-increasing growth and importance of the technology industry in London, these types of networking situations and collaborative efforts, are potentially the glue that binds the future of our city.

Congratulations on a great event.

The fantastic Tech Alliance crew that made it all happen.


Packed house – that’s the food line in the background

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