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Big Blue Bubble Issues My Singing Monsters Update

London technology, and video game giant Big Blue Bubble, announced yesterday that they had released an update to the incredibly popular game My Singing Monsters. If you have a child between the ages of 5 and 10, there’s a good chance you might already know that. For the not yet indoctrined, MSM is a is a world-building game where the player collects and breeds adorable monsters that sing, play, and dance!

As if it’s not fantastic enough that my house literally has singing sessions where my boy and I both sing like Entbrat as we both try to vibrate the particles of the world – and then laugh at each other; but yesterday my day started with, “It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!”

So he upgraded to version 2.1.8 and we checked out what the new version had to offer.

The first thing my son noticed, was that his daily login bonus was increased to 10. For a boy who does like to play My Singing Monsters almost every day, he indicated that this was a significant improvement.


He’s seven.

The second thing he noticed was the slick new prize wheel. A chance to win Coins, Diamonds, Food, Relics, and Keys? Yes please! Players can try their luck daily with the all-new Spin Wheel, and they can of course redeem diamonds, for extra spins.

Get a free chance at the Spin Wheel daily, or redeem Diamonds for extra spins.

They have also completely re-vamped the Memory Game portion of the game. Players can now test their recall skills in a card-matching mini-game to win rewards – the better you do, the better the prizes!

One last game change detail, is that BBB also now place decorative Tiles underneath Monsters to free up space.

Popular YouTube gamer MSMPokeGamer (MPG)loved the new tiles, “Oh. My. God. That is sensational.” Followed by exaltations and genuflections. “I have imagined this ever since I started playing.”

If you’re new to the My Singing Monsters World, you can download it at the Google Play Store, the App Store, or on Amazon. For a little background and fun, check out their Behind the Scenes video.

Happy Monstering!

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