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Celebrate Caesars At The Great Canadian Caesarfest!

Did you know that the Caesar was invented by a Canadian? The popular cocktail was first concocted by a restaurant owner named Walter Chell in Calgary in 1969 to celebrate the opening of his Italian restaurant. Now over 350 million Caesars are enjoyed every year. On Saturday, Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U) have put together the Great Canadian Caesarfest (GCC) to celebrate the clam-based, potent potable.

Together with Bollert Entertainment, Y.O.U will be hosting this one-of-a-kind event at The New Addition, formerly GT’s bar. The event will feature live music, and will showcase the elixir with a range of vendors supplying different versions of Caesar Cocktails, as well as Caesar blending competitions. You must be 19 years or older to attend.

In it’s near 50-year tenure, the Caesar has seen just about every variation one could possibly imagine. There are versions with Vodka, Rye, Gin or Tequila, and people garnish the beverage with anything from celery and olives, to pickles, extreme beans, asparagus, bacon or horseradish. That leaves a lot of permeatations for Joe Q. Caesar Drinker, and makes the Great Canadian Caesarfest a great place to try a different version of the cocktail.

Other London Venues are also encouraged to participate, by competing in “London’s Best Caesar,” and can visit the GCC website to register.

Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

Centennial Hall – 550 Wellington Street, London (519) 672-1967
YOU Cafe – 332 Richmond Street, London (226) 777-0116 ext. 108
London Music Hall – 185 Queens Ave, London (519) 432-1107
Downtown London -123 King Street, London (519) 663-2002
London Brew Coop – 521 Burbrook Pl, London (226) 667-6363

Proceeds from the event will go toward raising awareness for a new Youth Opportunities Unlimited initiative.

“Our Caesarfest is about celebrating TWO things, Canada’s Greatest Cocktail and the Youth Opportunities Unlimited’s great new project The New Addition,” said event organizer Scott Bollert.

The New Addition will provide safe and affordable homes for youth, young expectant moms, and new mothers and babies, at the most vulnerable time in their lives. It will act as an integrated program hub focused on physical and mental health, employment, education, and training. Volunteers, partners, and staff resources will work together to offer mentoring, community engagement, supportive parenting, and personal development.

More Information:


The New Addition

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