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Explode Conference

Explode Conference Tomorrow At Wolf Performance Hall

If you make your living in the digital realm, make sure you make your way to the Explode Conference tomorrow, at Wolf Performance Hall. The conference is for designers, developers and entrepreneurs alike, to share ideas, and ways to improve and to develop through creative collaboration. It will provide a unique opportunity to learn, and interact with Southwestern Ontario’s digital creative community.

The 2018 theme for this year’s Explode Conference is creative practice: storytelling, intersections, overlaps, idea collisions and the value of interdisciplinary work. The conference will also examine the benefits of creative collaboration.

The event was organized by Titus Ferguson, the Executive Director at Springboard, along with Greg Smith and Mariah Veenstra from Race Roster, and
Peter Davison. Springboard is a local organization that provides London’s creative industry and individual entrepreneurs with “tools to design, launch and grow businesses that can impact local, regional and global innovation.”

“Now in its third year, the Explode Conference is an opportunity for London’s creative sector to put down their mice and keyboards and gather together across disciplines and industries to re-discover the benefits of working collaboratively,” said Ferguson.

Six keynote speeches highlight the day:

10:15 am – Laugh, Think, And Cry
Saul Colt
Founder and Creative Director, The Idea Integration Co
11:15 am – Putting the Robots To Work; Automating Your Standards And Practices
Darcy Clarke
Director of Web Product Development, Diply
1:15 pm – Seizing Opportunity: The Gory Details & Consequences From A Fin-Tech Startup
Mani Fazeli
SVP Product, Wave
2:00 pm – Noobsec: What Developers Should Understand About Web Security
Kristina Balaam
Application Security Engineer, Shopify
3:00 pm – How Internet Behemoths Are Keeping Millennials Poor
Eunika Sot
Chief Operations Officer, Yuser
3:30 pm – Tall Tales From A Large Man
Aaron Draplin
Draplin Design Co.

In an ever-evolving digital realm, events like Explode give people in the industry a chance to grow. It doesn’t matter what part of that realm you reside in, your professional life can only be improved by having more resources and tools to solve problems, and more importantly, offer solutions to clients.

Conferences that feature meeting of the minds like this one, also serve to offer inspiration. Wether it’s seeing someone who has already traversed pitfalls you are currently trying to cross yourself, or seeing a like-minded company that has already taken their business to the next level, bringing everyone together in the spirit of the industry, will almost always serve to get creative juices flowing.

“We hope that these events are empowering our region’s creative cluster to realize big ambitions,” said Ferguson. “We want to inspire and educate our community because we honestly believe we live in the greatest city in Canada and its time to collectively recognize that!”

Ferguson is right. This city sits on the precipice of becoming a technology giant. We already have many incredible technology companies operating in London already. Companies with inspirational workplaces, and infinite growth patterns. Companies passionate about their local roots, and continuing to develop local talent.

Hit the Explode Conference tomorrow and meet some of those companies, and the people that make up the great technology community.

Share your ideas. Get inspired. Plug into an ever-increasing technology sector, that is a big part of this city’s future.

More Information:

Explode Conference website
May 24, 2018
Wolf Performance Hall
251 Dundas Street

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