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LTC Users Downtown, Please Be Advised

Starting today, Richmond will have the northbound curb lane closed between Carling and King as part of the downtown construction on Dundas place. For the next two weeks, Routes 4, 6, 15/21, 90, 104 and 102/106 will not be able to serve the northbound stops in this area.

A normal transfer downtown can be considerably more challenging, so be sure to ask your bus driver what the best transfer location for your next bus is.

The following stops will be closed:

Stop 1468 – Richmond north of Dundas Northbound- Routes 6, 90, 102/106

Stop 1470 – Richmond south of Dundas Northbound- Route 4, 104

Stop 1490 – Richmond & King Northbound- Routes 4, 6, 15/21, 104

Stop 2427 – Richmond between King & Dundas Northbound- Routes 15/21

Alternative Stop Locations

Stop 1524 – Richmond north of York Northbound- Routes 4, 6, 15, 104

Stop 1501 – Richmond & Queens Northbound- Routes 4, 6, 21, 104, 106

Stop 1466 – Richmond & Dufferin Northbound- Route 90

There are paper signs on some of the stops that say the bus won’t stop there, but they are not always that noticeable. It would be a good idea for the city to hang “hoods” over the stops that are shut down, like the city puts on parking metres when they’re temporarily closed.

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