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JUNOs Announcement At Museum London

Mayor Receives Host City Award From JUNO President Allan Reid

In a ceremony at Museum London this morning, Mayor Matt Brown received a special host city award, from Allan Reid, president and chief executive of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the group that organizes the JUNO Awards.

The 48th annual JUNO Awards will be held in London, on March 16, 2019, but today’s reception signifies the beginning of what will be almost an entire year of events leading up to the national event.

The award itself that Brown received will stay at Museum London, but host committee chairperson Chris Campbell said there are plans to tour it around as part of the JUNO build-up.

The JUNOS themselves have grown to a full week of JUNO activities, and while the exclusive industry ceremony may be the crown jewel, it’s a big opportunity for the city of London to sell itself to the rest of Canada throughout 2018.

“This is going to be not just the JUNOs, not just JUNO week, but JUNO year here in London,” said the Mayor. “We’re looking forward to introducing ourselves to Canada as a music city.”

The event obviously brings the biggest names in the Canadian music industry to the city, as well as the national spotlight. The JUNOs continue to come up with inventive ways to bring music fans more and more access to the artists, with backstage access, behind-the-scenes footage, live stream channels with access to the media rooms, artist Q&A’s – all of which, give the city of London a chance to shine.

There are just 321 days until London hosts the 48th annual JUNO Awards.

Let the countdown begin.

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